So what exactly does a stay at home mum do all day?

I had a little incident last week. I ran away from home. I didn’t pack a bag or anything, I wasn’t serious about it. I just grabbed a book and my purse and got in the car and drove. I went to a bar that I’d been wanting to go to since it opened about […]

Valentine’s Day: What’s it all about?

So, how was it for you? Was your Valentine’s Day filled with cards, flowers and romantic gestures? Did you celebrate your friendships and spend time with people you love? Were you excited to see what your partner had planned for you, or desperate for the whole thing to be over? According to Statista, in 2019, […]

January – A new year a new me? Nah. Why change perfection!

Anyone who has ever written anything will relate to the fear a blank page can induce. My 8 year old will certainly tell you, as he sat tethered to the chair during the Christmas holidays to write his thank you letters, about the overwhelming sense of expectation all that empty space can hold. ‘Just start […]

Edinburgh with Kids – Guest Blog

40 Ways to Live a More Fulfilled Life Are you approaching a ‘big’ birthday? Or have you, like me, found that all of them seem ‘big’? I’m often surprised actually how old I am and really have to think when people ask! I’m in that faze where I just try to ignore the passing years […]

Linda’s Book Bag – Guest Post

Challenges! A Guest Post by Catherine E. Winton, Author of Forty Is My Forte NOVEMBER 26, 2017LINDASBOOKBAG   Being of a certain age, I’m always delighted to feature books on Linda’s Book Bag that are not just about 30-somethings, so it gives me enormous pleasure to welcome Catherine E. Winton, author of Forty is my Forte, to the blog […]